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TRALA Granted 90-Day Waiver from ELD Mandate for Short-Term Rental Trucks
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Rental Trucks

Bentley Truck Services offers complete commercial truck rental services on several sizes, classes and applications of commercial trucks. Whether you need a commercial dry van for moving furniture, a refrigerated box truck for hauling fresh produce or an over the road class 8 sleeper tractor, we’ve got the truck you need to get the job done. We use quality trucks from top truck manufacturers like Mitsubishi Fuso Commercial Trucks, Hino Trucks by Toyota, UD Commercial Trucks, Volvo and Freightliner. We offer daily and weekly rentals and nationwide emergency road service and all at affordable prices.

Truck Leasing

Bentley Truck Services is a leader in commercial truck leasing. With locations throughout the United States, we offer the ability to provide unsurpassed service and support. Bentley Truck Services uses only the best in commercial trucks, whether you’re leasing renting or purchasing, we’re the ones to call. Our full service truck leasing program allows you and your company to concentrate on the things that make your business successful.

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